Urns Through Time
Cremation Urn Greek Pithos


A source of custom handmade ceramic cremation urns that draws on rich ancient ceramic traditions from various cultures through time as a source of inspiration.

Hold the past in the present. Each loved-one's life is special, memorialize them in a special urn.

Each of our funerary urns are handmade by a professional artist-potter who has spent decades developing her skills and knowledge.

Each of our funeral urns are custom made for you and your input is a determining factor in the finished piece. You have a choice of styles, materials and personal touches. Your funeral urn can be personalized by incorporating a small amount of ashes into the clay body as the work is being formed, by the inclusion of personal artifacts in the work or by including names or meaningful quotes on the urn. Photos or images which can be scanned can be incorporated in the piece.

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Our artist is an Art Historian and Arts Educator that has done extensive research in the funerary customs and styles of a variety of cultures through time.

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