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cremation urn

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Raku Keepsake Lantern Urn

Classification: cremation urn

Urn #168

 This is a Raku Keepsake Urn with a lantern top for a votive candle. The base is the container and can be sealed with the fitted lid that also serves as the candle holder.
 The Raku Keepsake Urn is approximatley 10 inches high and 4 inches wide.

 In Raku firing each piece of pottery is taken from the kiln red hot, the molten glaze silken and glowing. Then it is placed in a bed of straw or leaves in an air-tight container. The dry plant material  immediately bursts into flame and the “reduction chamber” is sealed. The flame and the smoking, oxygen starved atmosphere transform the glaze surface creating the unique, seemingly ancient, colors and textures of raku. So each of our Raku fired urns is special and one of a kind.

Watch a short video on the Raku process:

 Video: Raku Process

Usually ships with in 18 business days.

Dimensions: 9.5-10.5" H x 4-5" W

Price: $ 159.95

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