Urns Through Time

Your Vision Through Time Urns

Custom Urns start as low $250.00 Custom Pet Urns as low $125.00.

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We ship to Canada.

Watch a video on the custom urn process:

 Video: The Custom Order Process

The Custom Ordering Process

1. Customer Contact

Initial contact is either a phone call or an email in which your desires and requirements are established. The Urns Through Time Representative using a guide list will insure that all the pertinent information is obtained. Arrangements to obtain photos or images that are to be incorporated into the piece will be discussed.

2. Feedback to the Customer

The Urns Through Time artist will create sketches of variations of the end product from which you may choose. These will be accompanied by photos and/or small sample urns showing examples of colors and finishes previously discussed with you. The placement of any inscriptions, photos and images will be specified in the artist sketches. The actual image file from which the inscription is produced will be available for your approval. Steps 1 & 2 maybe repeated if required.

3. Customer Approval

When you are satisfied with their choices the artist will begin to create your urn. During the production of your urn photos may be sent to you to insure the urn is what you envisioned. Most urns can be produced within a two week time frame.